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Brabant-McKenzie Deposit


  • 175 kilometres NE of La Ronge, Saskatchewan, 3 km from community of Brabant Lake
  • The Property is located within the Reindeer Zone of the Early Proterozoic Trans-Hudson Orogen and at less than 5 km east of the McLennan Lake Tectonic Zone (MLTZ) and straddles the boundary between the McLennan Group and the MacLean Lake Gneisses



  • Mining Lease - 411 ha
  • Mineral exploration claims - 27,800 ha
  • 35-km strike length


  • 100%, no property royalties


  • Established road access, water, grid power, supply centres

Project Overview

  • Brabant-McKenzie Deposit
  • Six Priority regional targets

Regional Geology

View Bedrock Geology of the Brabant Lake Area - Publications Saskatchewan

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  • The Reindeer Zone in Saskatchewan is a collage of juvenile, arc-related crustal domains (Rottenstone, La Ronge, Flin Flon, Glennie Lake, Kisseynew and Hanson Lake Block) bounded by the Rae-Hearn and Archean Superior structural provinces
  • The McLennan Lake Tectonic Zone ("MLTZ") separates the lower metamorphic grade volcanic and intrusive rocks of the La Ronge Domain (a.k.a. Central Volcanic Belt) ("CVB") from amphibolite to granulite facies gneisses of the MacLean Lake Belt ("MLB") to the east

Property Geology

  • Metamorphic VMS mineralization
  • Mineralization tentatively correlated over 1,100 m strike northeast
  • Outcropping at surface, dipping on average 51 degrees northwest
  • Two mineralized horizons:
       Upper Mineralized Zone (UMZ)
              Strike and dip length of 1 km
       Lower Mineralized Zone (LMZ)
              Strike and dip length of 800 m

Work to Date

  • Mapping, geochemistry, geophysics, trenching
  • Drilling – 48,100 m (1957 - 2018)
  • 2017- 2018 drill results include:
    • 12.12% zinc and 0.97% copper over 11.40 m
      • including 16.62% zinc, 0.79% copper and 25.60 g/t silver over 5.96 m
    • 12.30 % zinc, 0.70% copper, 0.18% lead and 42.03 g/t silver over 6.37 m
  • NI 43-101 resource estimate completed
  • Preliminary metallurgical testing
  • Preliminary heavy liquid separation testing
  • 2019 Summer Work Program Completed

NI 43-101 Resource

  • Indicated – 2.1 million tonnes at 7.08% zinc, 0.69% copper, 0.49% lead, 39.60g/t silver or 9.98% zinc equivalent
  • Inferred – 7.6 million tonnes at 4.45% zinc, 0.57% copper, 0.19% lead, 18.40g/t silver or 6.29% zinc equivalent

Next Steps

  • Updated resource estimate and overall geological model will be used to assist in designing next steps for the exploration program on the Deposit’s advancement including additional follow-up drill programs

Corporate Presentation

Brabant-McKenzie Regional

Work to Date

  • 18 km strike of zinc/copper/silver VMS targets identified via drilling, prospecting, airborne and ground magnetic and EM geophysics
  • Six priority regional geophysics/mineralized targets defined:
    • Anomaly D new discovery proximal to the Deposit
    • Three ground VTEM and Mag coincident anomalies defined at south Brabant Lake
    • Two mineralized showing hosting VMS style mineralization
  • 1,643 ha of claims added to property package May/September 2018,  based on regional exploration results

Priority Targets

Anomaly D - New Discovery

  • 800 m by 800 m target - 1.5 km southwest of Brabant-McKenzie Deposit
  • Initial anomaly subtly identified via airborne HeliSAM geophysics
  • Ground EM and Mag program further defines the anomaly
  • Prospecting identified mineralized outcrops at approximate surface projection of EM plates
  • Drilling identifies sulphide mineralization in four drill holes
  • Further definition drilling planned
  • ​​​​​​​


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  • Drill defined drill target located 7.7 km southwest of the Brabant-McKenzie Deposit
  • Coincident magnetics and EM anomalies identified by 2017 ground survey
  • Sulfide mineralization hosting elevated copper geochemistry values in outcrops proximal modeled conductors include:
  • Historic geochemistry rock grab samples values ranging from 1.1% to 3.0% copper (Saskatchewan Minerals Deposit Index #2592).
  • 2017 rock grab samples values ranging from 0.23% to 0.27% copper


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  • Defined drill target 7.0 km south of the Brabant-McKenzie deposit
  • 1.5 km northeast of the TOM2 conductor
  • Coincident magnetics and EM anomalies identified by 2018 ground survey
  • Body measuring 400 m by 310 m at a depth of 184 m
  • Conductivity exceeding 4,400 siemens
  • Mineralized showings coincident with conductor

Priority 3

  • Coincident magnetics and EM anomalies identified by 2012 airborne VTEM survey
  • Initial prospecting program identified mineralized outcrops at approximate location of anomaly
  • Further plate modeling to define initial anomaly dimensions and orientation
  • Ground EM and Mag geophysical survey currently underway

Main Lake Showing

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  • Identified and confirmed historic mineralization and geochemistry values
  • Selected rock grab sample values show assays of up to 11.65% zinc, 1.44% copper, 30.6 g/t silver
  • Grades are similar to those obtained at the Brabant-McKenzie deposit (the “Deposit”)
  • Ground EM and Mag survey currently planned

McIvor Channel Showing

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  • Located approximately 9 km south of the Brabant-McKenzie Deposit
  • Massive sulphide mineralization identified over 600 m strike length -  pyrrhotite with chalcopyrite
  • Mineralization dips northwest potentially under the McIvor Channel
  • Historic work included rock sampling returning a value of 0.25% copper in one trench; however no geophysics or follow up drilling was conducted to test this showing
  • 2018 program is first work on this showing  since 1968
  • 2018 sampling from returned anomalous values in copper
  • Extensive EM and Mag geophysical program planned this winter
  • Program focus will be to define the full dimensions of the showing and potential of adjacent mineralization.

Additional Regional Exploration

Further exploration programs planned to follow up, confirm and define additional regional geophysics conductors and mineralized showings

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